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Who We Are
We represent the
future of music
We are independent artists, dedicated to making new, innovative and groundbreaking music.

Recording artist, songwriter, humanitarian, activist, social entrepreneur and founder of Bank On it, Guordan Banks, believes that together we can better equip independent artists to navigate and adapt to the ever-changing music industry.

Guordan Banks has spent the last 15 years, set out on bold mission to unleash his musical talents to the world. He continues to make music that sets his innermost thoughts to beautiful & rhythmic melodies. Good musicians are the result of innate talent. Great musicians come from hard work. The best musicians, like Guordan Banks come from both.

Bank On It bridges the gap between the independent artist and the music industry elite. We open the door for independent artists to connect with. We are here to empower and impact!

What We Do
The opportunities have
never been greater
Over the years, we’ve discovered that it’s far more important to reach as many independent artists as possible—especially the youth—and empower them with the knowledge that it’s not up to anyone else, it’s up to them to make a difference & follow their dreams. We are advocates for individual artists. Our goal is to join forces, partner up and unite. Our team specializes in variety of label services: digital distribution, global strategies, insights & analytics, monetization & funding, marketing & promotion, and artist discovery & development - we do it all!
How It Works
Promoting & connecting
talented & emerging artists
Starting out as an independent artist is a huge challenge, and positioning yourself for success requires careful planning. Luckily for independent artists, technological advancements allows them to share their work with the world and build their career at their own pace, and with their own style. We make sure they have a sufficient roadmap to not only create amazing music but making sure it’s promoted effectively - we help you grow your brand!
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